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Winding down practice.
As a patent attorney practicing in Memphis, TN, I have enjoyed meeting with and helping entrepreneurs and business owners protect their inventions, businesses and creative works through Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights.  
Recently I have made the decision to transition from private practice to corporate practice.  While this opportunity presents me with new and exciting challenges, it will require a significant commitment of time and effort and will make it exceedingly difficult to carry on a normal relationship with individual clients.  

For those interested in intellectual property protection, including a patent, trademark or copyright from a local Memphis patent attorney, you may wish to contact:

Bill Parks

(901) 537-1085

David J. Kreher

(901) 527-0505

There are several other excellent patent attorneys in Memphis, Tennessee to assist you with your patent, trademarks or other intellectual property matters, many of which can be found using a simple internet search, the phone book, or at the USPTO website




Current clients:
I am currently working to complete work with my current clients.  If you are a current client and need to contact me, you can reach me at: schwab.js@schwabip.com or at (901) 761-0135.





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